Motorola One Zoom | Review, Specs, Features and Prices

Motorola One Zoom Review

Motorola one zoom is a great phone with excellent work design, with perfect hardware, it also has a nice software, it is also known to be a very good mid-range phone with a flagship camera, it has a great and widescreen with a strong long-lasting battery, it has a rich accessory bundle and stands out among the rest of the other Motorola 'one' family in terms of having the overall specs. Motorola One Zoom differs significantly from other Motorola smartphones like Motorola one vision and Motorola one action, although it is known to lack the good possibility of adjusting its color temperature but still has good things about it that attract a lot.

Motorola One Zoom Operating System

Motorola one zoom is known as an Android smartphone with the Android version 9.0 pie+ Android one. Motorola one zoom smartphone is powered by Qualcomm SDM675 snapdragon 675, octa-core(2Gh2 dual-core hack core, cortex As5)processor with an interface.

Motorola One Zoom Display Quality

The Motorola one zoom has great features on its ability of good display, it has a big or wide screen of 6.39inches but not the brightest of all, it has a peak brightness of 403nits that is about 401nits on the pixel 3a, which happens to utilize an OLED screen.
It has a display type OLED, it also has a host flag features. Motorola one zoom also has a display color of over 16M colors, the color is not really perfect in terms of accuracy, it uses an average Delta E of 5.3 and a maximum of 8.3, it has come to put it on board that not all OLED panels are created the same.

Motorola One Zoom Camera Quality

It has also been designed for a good photo capturing which has a total of four cameras, where it is known to carry three cameras and the remaining one performs the work for depth of field information, it shoots good sharp and colorful photos with good contrast values.

The Motorola One Zoom offers a 3x optical zoom that increases to 10x in hybrid mode, it combines the image information from 48MP of its main camera with that of the telephoto sensor. The sensor is primed to deliver shots with increased light sensitivity in a dimmed condition. It has a 16MP ultra-wide shooter and also uses an 8MP telephone lens that supports 3x optical zoom.

Motorola One Zoom Memory Capacity

Motorola one zoom is known for it wide storage space, it has an internal storage space of 128GB leaving the user with 168 available space to use, it has a 4GBRAM storage capacity which gives excellent speed, and free-flowing phone performance, it memory slot card is of a micro SD up to 512GB

Motorola One zoom Battery Capacity

It is a non-removable battery of 400mAH, and it a long life lasting battery of 90h if not using all the Powerful apps in the phone that drains battery mostly, it has a fast-charging capacity.

Motorola One Zoom Weight

Motorola one zoom has a wideness of 158×75×8.8m, it built with weight 190g.

Motorola One Zoom Release Date

It was released on the 5th September 2019

Motorola One Zoom Price

The Motorola One Zoom is priced at an estimated $428.

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