Apple iPhone 4 | Review, Specs, Features and Prices

Apple iPhone 4 Review

The Apple iPhone 4 is one of the pioneering models of the Apple iPhone brands, it is a budget-friendly device for users who seek to use an Apple iPhone but cannot afford to go for the more costly and newer models of the iPhone brand. The Apple iPhone 4 can, of course, not be compared to newer releases like the iPhone 10 or 11 but it still possesses great value.

Apple iPhone 4 Operating System

The Apple iPhone runs on the old modelled IOS 4.0 but its performances remains of high quality though.

Apple iPhone 4 Design

The most striking thing about the Apple iPhone 4 was its new design. While the front is classic iPhone with its single piece of glass, single button, and symmetrical black bezel, the back has moved away from the curves of old to be replaced by a completely flat sheet of aluminosilicate-toughened glass. Combined with the flat stainless steel sides, this gives the phone a particularly industrial, minimalist look and feel that is sure to split opinion even more than existing iPhones have.

To our minds the concept is sound and we really like the exceptional fit and finish of the phone but certainly the front bezel does now look a bit tired. In particular this seems to be because the iPhone 4 is slightly narrower and taller, yet retains the same size screen, as previous models. This makes the screen look a bit lost in the vast blackness of that bezel. It’s still a pretty stunning design overall but there’s definitely a prototype/engineering sample feel that takes the edge off.

Looking around the rest of the phone, there are all the usual iPhone signatures with the aforementioned circular Home button sitting below the screen, volume controls which are now split up into two buttons, on the left edge below the mute switch, lock button on the top edge and dock connector on the bottom edge along with the speaker and microphone. All the buttons, like the phone in general, feel solid and have a really pronounced action so you know for sure when you’ve pressed them. The mute switch which had been stiffened up and reduced in size, so it’s not so easy to knock when in a pocket, but ironically it does now make it quite difficult to use. Likewise, the volume buttons aren’t quite so easily activated, requiring quite a precise press rather than a general prod.

Apple iPhone 4 Camera Quality

The Apple iPhone 4 possesses a rear camera of 5MP and a dual front camera of 0.3MP

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Apple iPhone 4 Memory Capacity

The Apple iPhone 4 has an internal storage capacity of 16GB which is relatively low in comparison to the other iPhone models. It also has a relatively low RAM capacity of 512MB but is well optimized to still deliver good and speedy performances.

Apple iPhone 4 Battery Capacity

The Apple iPhone 4 has a battery capacity of 1450 mAh which is not a very encouraging one but nevertheless lasts a couple of hours on heavy usage which is great.

Apple iPhone 4 Weight

The Apple iPhone 4 weighs an astonishingly small 134g making it very very portable and mobile.

Apple iPhone 4 Release Realease Date

The Apple iPhone 4 was officially released on June 24, 2010

Apple iPhone 4 Price

As of 2020, The Apple iPhone 4 16GB costs around $599.

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