Samsung Galaxy S20 | Review, Specs, Features and Prices

Samsung Galaxy S20 Review

Samsung products are generally one of the most trusted products in the market, with their usually reliable and somewhat affordable, in relation to quality supplied, making them a huge fan favorite in the phone market.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is yet another high-quality product to be thrown into the market by Samsung. The qualities of this device cannot be overstated, with its qualities only being matched by very few mobile brands and products.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Operating System

The Samsung Galaxy S20 as you'd expect comes with the latest operating systems with it running on the Android 10 OS which makes for the most advanced system outputs.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Display

The Apple iPhone 12 has a screen size of 6.2 inches making it a handy one and yet a nice size for displays. It Possesses a dimension of 151.7 x 69.1 x 7.9 mm

Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera Quality

The Samsung S20 also possesses a camera quality that makes for mind-blowing picture output with three cameras that consists of two with 12MP capacities and the other with a ridiculously qualitative 64MP. The Samsung S20 also possesses a dual 12MP selfie camera.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Memory Capacity

The Samsung S20 has provision for an external storage device but it may not be out of place to say it may not really be of much use, with the possessing a mammoth 128GB internal storage. With all of its amazing features also comes the guarantee of high-speed device performance with the device possessing an 8GB RAM capacity.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Battery Capacity

The Samsung Galaxy S20 has a battery capacity of 4000mAh which is a moderately capable one for a device of such quality. It is capable of lasting several hours on heavy usage which is really good news for its users. What's even better about its battery capacity is its possession of a 25W fast charging capacity, meaning users get more time out of the phone than they invest in it during charging.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Weight

The Apple iPhone 12 is very portable and handy, with a weight of just 163g

Samsung Galaxy S20 Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy S20 was officially released on 11th February 2020

Samsung Galaxy S20 Price

The Samsung Galaxy S20 device costs a moderate fee of $800.

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